Dev Diary


2017-11-19 HexaMon published on Steam

Finally the great day is here! HexaMon has been published on Steam and you may buy the game with a 10% discount. Have Fun!

2017-05-11 Demo finished

How hard can it be to make a demo of a game that is already playable? Harder than we expected. Especially when finding out that the current executable doesn’t work on bulk Windows 7 systems. That was a nasty surprise! Now we can finally take care of the last steps of the Kickstarter campaign.

Here is the download.

2017-05-10 Video done

Finally the video is ready that was urgently needed so much for Kickstarter and Greenlight. Doing all the capturing and editing took much more time than we hoped. Now we hope that you like the video as much as we do.

2017-04-19 Voice acting for video finished

Our trailer video needs a couple of spoken lines and I’d bet you wouldn’t want me to record them. So I asked the American voice actor Jeremiah Costello to do this for us. And what can I say: he did a perfect job and we had to choose from 6 marvelous takes. Thanks, Jeremiah.

2017-03-28 Quest for the holy logo

A great game needs a cool logo! We have the first drafts that start to make us feeling good. We decide to go for this one:

2017-03-10 First playable version

The first graphics and programming tasks have been done and the game is somehow playable. But I have to confess I wouldn’t want to sell it the way it looks right now.

A screenshot of the very first working version
2017-03-01 Nice backgrounds found

We found some ingeniously drawn backgrounds that fit perfectly to our vision of the game. So why should we invent the wheel again? We decided to buy those graphics and have something nice to add to the first versions. Thanks to David Baumgart for creating these pieces of art.

2017-02-09 … a game design document

The game design document has grown to seven pages and it is ripe to be shown to the rest of the team. Everyone likes the idea and so we start thinking about graphics and programming.

2017-02-02 At the beginning there was …

A couple of days ago a friend told me about the mobile game CellConnect and I installed it and became addicted. Why not doing something similar for PC? Today I sat down and wrote the first page of the Game Design Document.