Diversified terrains added

Although the logic of HexaMon does only require two different types of terrains (one with and one without monsters on it) we had more diversified landscapes from the beginning.

But still we were not fully happy with the graphics so we added a couple of additional tiles with castles, mines etc. making the graphics much more appealing and we believe the effort made the game much more appealing.

HexaMon goes Kickstarter

HexaMon is now a kickstarter project. We have 30 days to meet the rather low budget of 2000 € (about 2100 US$) to make this work. If the backers give more this will help us to add a plethora of additional features.

Early birds can grab a copy of the game for only 1 €.

Please don’t hesitate to head over to our campaign and support the project.

Here is a list of the first Stretch Goals:

What is Hexamon?

HexaMon is based on the extremely succesful mobile Game CellConnect. But in HexaMon you won’t have to do math exams all the time to predict your next moves. Instead you will cope with sweet monsters – making gameplay much more intuitive and fun.

Besides of this we have plenty ideas how to improve gameplay and make it even more addictive. This includes other level designs, new game modes and many more variations of the original concept.

We need your help on Kickstarter and in Social Media to make this happen.

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign and back this project.